What is "Floorplanning?"

“Floorplanning” is a line of credit made by a lender that allows dealerships to purchase inventory.

Who is eligible to apply for WFS Flooring financing?

Current Westlake Financial Services dealers that are in good standing with Westlake Financial are welcome to apply. If you’re not a WFS dealer currently, we welcome you to apply first with Westlake Financial and then with Westlake Flooring.

How do I apply for WFS Flooring line of credit?

On the WFS Flooring home page, click on the “Register Now” button. You can also contact a WFS Representative at (855)4-WFS-FLR for addition information.

What are the required documents needed to apply for a WFS Flooring line of credit?

  • WFS Flooring credit application properly executed by all owners of your business
  • A valid, current dealer’s license
  • A valid, current driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID from each applicant
  • Confirmation of a dealer-owned checking account (copy of a check in the dealership’s name)
  • Proof of insurance policy for dealership, surety bond
  • Please review the sign-up document checklist for any additional necessary forms
    (click here for the sign up document checklist)

How long does the WFS Flooring credit review process take?

Every application is important to WFS Flooring. Generally, the credit review process takes roughly 2 business days once all required documents have been submitted.

At which auctions can I purchase vehicles?

A current list of Westlake Flooring Auctions can be found here.

Where is WFS Flooring financing accepted?

WFS Flooring financing is accepted at many auctions nationwide. If an auction you attend is not listed, WFS Flooring will work to create a relationship. Please call 855-4-WFS-FLR to inquire about signing up your preferred auction.

What if I have a question not covered here?

Visit our Contact Us page for a list of phone numbers, web links, live chat, and email addresses to assist your needs. Your business is important, and we’re here to help you through the application process.