Westlake provides you all with the tools you need to drive your business, from purchase of inventory to complete online management solutions to multiple profitable retail offerings.

From first time buyers, prime and sub-prime lending, floor plan financing, portfolio acquisition, and access to dealership management tools. Westlake Financial Services is your full-spectrum finance solution to help you, the dealer.

Benefits of working with Financing

– Finance your floored units for even more discounts

– Current benefits are coupons on activation, fee waivers and discounts on net funded deals, lower interest for doing Westlake business

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Westlake Financial Services Remarketing Department sells thousands of quality used cars through auctions nationwide. Westlake dealers receive money back and vehicle guarantee when buying Westlake cars.

Benefits of working with Remarketing

– Sell your inventory through the Westlake Flooring and Remarketing Third Party Program

– Receive coupons when purchasing Westlake units at a partner auction

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DealerCenter’s DMS technology leads the industry with innovation, dependability and value. No other platform combines more functionality into a single interface, making it easier than ever to run a dealership with efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of working with DealerCenter

– Easily upload your inventory

– Manage payments and titles

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Western Funding has been an innovator in the subprime auto finance industry.Western Funding has designed its programs to build a business partnership with its dealers by creating a dealer participation program. This concept provides dealers with both an aggressive up-front check or advance, and the opportunity to earn additional money for performing portfolios.

Benefits of working with Western Funding

– Finance qualified floor units for subprime auto loans

– Potential for a higher net check amounts

– Opportunity for back end profits

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